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If you are planning on coming 1xmonth or more on average this is the best option for you

  • There is a $50 membership initiation fee added to whatever option you choose. When you start or restart a membership you canceled.

  • Additional visits are $20/visit

  • Payment via auto-debit is required

    • A check or credit card are all that is needed to set up auto-debit.

    • If you use a credit card there is an additional 3% processing charge.

    • When you use a checking account there is a 0.25 fee per transaction (we recommend this option)

    • If you prefer not to pay via auto-debit, you will be charged an additional $10/month to cover administrative costs auto-debit eliminates for us.

  • There is no contract or cancellation fee

    • If you decide to quit your membership, simply tell us in person or via email that you would like to cancel it and we will cancel it.

  • The membership is a month to month agreement

    • Your payment comes out 1xmonth (regardless if you came in or not), until you tell us to cancel it.

  • Unused visits do not roll over to the next month.

  • Membership visits can not be shared with other people

  • If you are doing a membership and you would like to get your kids adjusted, the price of their adjustment is based on their age.  This is an added perk for membership people.

    • 0-5 years old= $10/visit

    • 6-12 years old= $15/visit

    • 13-17 years old= $20/visit

  • Accepted Methods of Payment:  cash, check, credit card, HSA, or FSA

  • We do not accept insurance and we do not take on worker's compensation or auto cases.

Monthly Membership: Price List



Up to 1 visits/month
visit average)

Additional visits are $20/visit




Up to 2 visits/month

($25/visit average)

Additional visits are $20/visit



Up to 4 visits/month

($23.7/visit average)

Additional visits are $20/visit



Up to 8 visits/month

($21.25/visit average)

Additional visits are $20/visit

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