Monthly Membership

Additional Information is located below the table

29/mo1 visit/month

Once a Month

  • You get 1 visit/month after your 1st Month with this option$29/visit avg
  • Additional visits are just $10/visitAuto-debit required

Additional Information

If you are planning on coming 1xmonth or more on average this is the best option for you.

After your 1st month, you are eligible for one of the options in the table above.

The first month is $189 for up to 12 visits/month ($15/visit average).

  • The first month is meant to get you “out of the hole” you are in and get your spine in decent shape.

After your 1st month you may pick one of the monthly membership options in the table. 

  • After the first month we highly recommend you stay out of “the hole” and do some kind of maintenance for your spine.  The options in the table are your maintenance choices.
  • Everyone is different in what they need.  We will make recommendations based on your needs and try to help you find the best option for you.

Payment via auto-debit is required after the 1st month.

  • A check or credit card are all that is needed to set up auto-debit.
  • If you use a credit card there is an additional 3% processing charge.
  • If you prefer not to pay via auto-debit, you will be charged an additional $10/month to cover administrative costs auto-debit eliminates for us.

There is no contract or cancellation fee.

  • If you decide to quit your membership, simply tell us in person or via email that you would like to cancel it and we will cancel it.

The membership is a month to month agreement. 

  • If you start on the 8th of June, you are due your next month on the 8th of July.

Unused visits do not roll over to the next month.

Additional visits are just $10/visit.

  • Example: You are doing the up to 4 visits/month option and paying $59.  You need 2 additional visits one month.  You will end up paying an additional $20 for grand total of $79 that month for 6 visits.

You may add your kids to your membership.

  • Our Kids fees are based on your kids age
    • 0-5 years old= $5/visit
    • 6-12 years old= $10/visit
    • 13-17 years old= $15/visit