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Jun 8

Spinal Adjustments Can Help Heal Ear Infections

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Jun 8

Ever get ear infections as a child?

They were a bummer, huh? That pain, that itch, that pressure, that hearing loss, those other fall-out symptoms, like a sore throat…

Ugh. Pure misery, right?

Now, do you have a child that suffers ear infections?

Even more of a bummer, wouldn’t you say? Watching your little one go through that agony…the ear pain, the fever, the diminished hearing, perhaps a respiratory infection or loss of balance to boot…

It’s no fun—to go through or to witness.

And nothing really seems to work in a timely manner.

And then there’s the whole antibiotic debate: how many of those things do you really want to give your kid? And do you really need them for everything? For every childhood health issue?

Well, there may be one natural and more holistic treatment you’re overlooking.

A health maintenance method you’re already using.

Spinal Adjustments Can Heal Ear Infections

Researchers in suburban Minneapolis investigated whether or not chiropractic care improved symptoms of an ear infection and could thus be used as a viable treatment method.

The study, published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, evaluated data from 46 children, five years old and younger. All suffered from typical ear infections. The data was obtained from a private chiropractic practice. Outcome measures included check ups by family physicians.

Chiropractic care was administered three times during the first week of treatment. Then two times during the second week. And, if needed, a final time during week 3.

Treatment consisted of practitioners paying specific attention to the cervical vertebrae (neck, just below the skull) and occiput (back, lower part of the skull) during manipulation.

Researchers found that 43 of the 46 children had seen significant improvement after the chiropractic treatment.

That’s 93% of the children!

What’s It All Mean?

The research indicates that chiropractic care is a viable option for treating your child’s ear infection, especially if that child is five years old or younger.

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Dr. Pete’s 2 Cents:

Please do not just bring your child by to get adjusted when they have an ear infection.  Your child should be adjusted on a regular basis because getting adjusted regularly will just help their body work better period.  How often is regular adjustments for a child?  I believe everyone, regardless of how they feel should be getting their spine adjusted a minimum of once a month, no mater their age.  If you kid is doing well, 1xmonth would be great.  If they are having some problems they will need to be adjusted a little more than 1xmonth.  If you are not going to get your child adjusted once a month, shoot for every other month, if you aren’t going to bring them in every other month, shoot for every third month, etc.  This is the kind of logical approach that should be taken to getting your child adjusted.  Children can get by with less because their spines are just naturally, on average, in better shape than an adults.  They haven’t been around as long on this blue orb.  This does not mean they do not need to get adjusted at all.  Think of it like a newer car.  A newer car still needs maintenance, just not as much as an old car.

-Dr. Peter Ahlers-Nelson, D.C.

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