Why we do not require an x-ray

We do not require x-rays at Pete’s Chiropractic because we do not need them to help us find vertebral subluxations.

The technique we use to find vertebral subluxations is called Advanced Muscle Palpation (AMP).

When we would require an x-ray be taken by someone else: If you had some major trauma and you came in complaining about a pain in your back, we would ask you if you had been to the medical doctor and if you had had an x-ray. If you said you had not, we would recommend you go to the hospital and get checked out before we would adjust you. We use a common sense approach.

At Pete’s Chiropractic we only help your body correct vertebral subluxations and since we do not need an x-ray to find these, we do not take one. Other chiropractors may require an x-ray for the technique they practice. We do not. Pete’s Chiropractic will never discourage you from visiting your medical doctor. If you feel like you should go, go.

You are always better off when your body can communicate with itself better, correcting vertebral subluxations is one way of improving that communication. That is what we do here.