Why we do not accept insurance

1. Health insurance does not cover chiropractic maintenance care

Health insurance is not designed to cover regular chiropractic adjustments, just like it is not designed to make sure you brush your teeth regularly and it does not pay for you to eat nutritious food every day.  You pay for your tooth brush, tooth paste, floss, mouth wash, and you take the time to brush your teeth. If you want your nervous system, the system that runs all others, to work as well as possible you will have to pay for regular chiropractic adjustments yourself. No insurance pays for regular chiropractic maintenance care.  You don’t just brush your teeth when you have a cavity and you shouldn’t just get adjusted when your back hurts or you have some other symptom.

2. By not accepting insurance, we keep our overhead lower.

Taking insurance means doing a lot of extra paperwork to justify what you are doing and fighting with insurance companies to get paid. They don’t make it easy to get paid.  It is so bad most chiropractors higher someone just to deal with the insurance companies! By not taking insurance, we don’t need these extra employees and we can pass on the savings to everyone.  Less paperwork means I have more time to spend adjusting people, which means I can see more people and charge everyone less.

3. We do not want an insurance company calling the shots.

When a chiropractor takes insurance, they are not only trying to keep your communication lines open, they are trying to keep the insurance companies happy. This can lead to a conflict of interest, as they are getting paid more by the insurance company every month than they are by you. If they do not do what the insurance company wants them to do, the insurance company may kick them out of their network or refuse to pay them. By avoiding insurance we avoid any conflict of interest.