Why Kids Should Get Adjusted

Everyone with a spine who is alive is better off when their body can communicate better with itself. This includes kids.  Kids have bones that go out of place just like adults, sometimes they cause symptoms, but 99% of the time they do not.  The difference with kids is the bones have not been out of place as long so they are typically easier to adjust and less damage has been done.  Getting your kids adjusted regularly give them an advantage that you and many other kids unfortunately do not have.

How often should kids be getting adjusted?

On average kids should be getting their spines checked at least 1-2 times a month.  Some kids need to get their spines checked more, some less.  A couple times a month is a good goal to set for kids.

But how can I afford to get all my kids adjusted?

At Pete’s Chiropractic you can easily afford to get your kids adjusted because we adjust them for free! Yes, as long as you are getting yourself adjusted that same day, you’re kids are free, no mater what payment option you choose.

Why do we adjust kids for free?

Because we do not want parents coming in to get themselves adjusted and leaving their kids at home because they can not afford to get them adjusted.  Dr. Pete was not adjusted for his first time until he was 24 and in chiropractic school.