Why don’t you take insurance?

  1. Insurance drives up the cost of chiropractic care.
    • Insurance companies need additional paperwork and documentation to justify visits to a chiropractor.  This drives up the cost of chiropractic care.  As a chiropractor I prefer to spend less time doing paperwork and more time adjusting people.
  2. By avoiding insurance, I am able to keep my prices lower for everyone.
    • Extra paperwork means more staff.  More staff means a higher overhead.
  3. Chiropractic is best when done on a regular basisInsurance does not pay for regular maintenance care.
    • Your car insurance does not pay for the regular maintenance of your vehicle and your health insurance does not pay for the regular maintenance of your spine.  If it did, it would be more expensive.
    • Just like you must pay to change your tires and oil, rotate your tires, top off the fluids and so on, you must pay for the maintenance of your spine.  At our office we make it reasonable to do so.
  4. Insurance only pays to have an area that is “hurting” adjusted.
    • You can not feel everything that is going on within your body and only getting your spine checked and adjusted when you hurt is like only changing the oil on your car when the engine is acting up or only brushing your teeth when they hurt.
    • As a chiropractor, I do not agree with only adjusting an area that is “hurting” and leaving other areas alone because they are not “hurting”, but when you take insurance, this is what you are asked to do.
  5. When you take insurance, the insurance company becomes the boss.