What is Advanced Muscle Palpation

Know the Muscles and You Know the Spine

Advanced Muscle Palpation (AMP) is a method of chiropractic spinal analysis that determines the direction of vertebral misalignment based on static palpation of the small paravertebral muscles.

What that means in plain English: The chiropractor feels the muscles that move your spine with their hands to determine where to push on your back.

After they push on your back they will check with their hands to see if your body was able to use the force they gave it to move the bone. If your body was able to use the force, your muscles will be more relaxed because the bone is in a better position.

Another way to look at it: When the bone is out of place it will push tissue back creating a “bump”. The bump is also created from muscle contracting in an attempt to move the bone. After I push on your back I check to see if you were were able to use the force I gave you to move the bone. If you were able to use it, the bump will get smaller. This means there is less pressure on your spinal cord and nerves and your body is communicating with itself better. Taking pressure off of your nerves and spinal cord is the goal of a chiropractor.