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Nov 25

Superstorm Sandy, Cell Phone Towers and Chiropractic

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Nov 25

By:  Dr. Peter Ahlers-Nelson, D.C.

I often listen to public radio while driving between Northfield and Albert Lea.  A couple weeks ago a particular segment grabbed my attention.  NPR was talking to a fuel supply company owner out in New Jersey, Paul Riggins, about hauling fuel after Superstorm Sandy and the lessons they learned.  Below is an excerpt.

Riggins says he learned some valuable lessons during Sandy. For example he always assumed delivering generator fuel to police stations and medical facilities was the priority. But authorities told him that one of the most important things to keep running is cellphone towers.

“Because they said, you know, without communication the fire, the police, the hospitals everybody’s blind,” he says.

Your spinal cord and your nerves are like a series of cell phone towers for your body.  They transmit information between your brain and the rest of your body.

We often think of organs like the heart and lungs as being extremely important, and they are, but without your spinal cord transmitting messages between your brain and the rest of your body, your heart and lungs are blind.

This is why getting adjusted regularly is so important.  Getting your spine checked regularly helps keeps more of the cell phone towers of your body up and operating more efficiently.

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