Regular Adjustments?

How often is regular?

  • When I talk about how everyone should be getting adjusted regularly, what I mean is everyone should be getting adjusted once a week on average.
  • Some need to get in more (2 or 3 times a week), some less ( 1-2 times a month).  No one should be going longer than a month between adjustments.

Why get adjusted regularly instead of only when you hurt?

  1. Out of the 50 billion messages going to your head every second you can only feel about 50 to 100.
    1. About 10% of the nerves that you can feel carry pain information.
    2. So most people decide to get adjusted based on 50 out of 50 billion messages.
  2. Just because you feel fine, does not mean you are fine.
    1. Basing your health on how you feel is not a good idea.
    2. Everyone knows someone who has had cancer, a heart attack, stroke, an aneurysm, etc.
    3. Most of these people felt fine right up until the second they did not.
    4. Basing your health on how you feel is like falling off of the the empire state building.  All the way down you feel fine…until you don’t.
Falling off building

Times you will need to get adjusted more often…

  1. If you have not been adjusted in a long time you will need to come in more often starting out.
  2. If you are under more physical, emotional, or chemical stress, you should be getting in more often.