How do I find a good Chiropractor?

1.  Look for a chiropractor that evaluates your spine by checking it with his or her hands

In my experience, the best chiropractors use their hands to locate the bones that are out of place in your spine.  Some may use additional evaluation tools, but they should also use their hands.  In school they teach you that when it comes to evaluating the spine, your hands trump everything.   If a chiropractor you go to does not feel your spine with their hands every time, think about trying another chiropractor.

2.  The chiropractor should feel your whole spine

When checking to see where you are out of place, they should feel your whole spine every time, not just the area you say hurts or where one of their tools tells them you have a problem.

3. They should feel your back before and after

The chiropractor needs to check your spine before he or she introduces a force and after they introduce a force.  Why?  So they can see if your body was able to use the additional force they gave you to help move your bone.  Just because you didn’t feel it move or you didn’t hear it move does not mean it did not move.  Inversely, just because you felt something move or heard something move, does not mean the area that needed to move, moved.  The chiropractor should feel your back before and after a force is introduced.

4. They should have affordable prices and convenient hours

If you can’t afford the time or money to get in regularly, you should look for a chiropractor that makes it possible for you to go regularly.  Chiropractic, like brushing your teeth, is about consistency.  You will get the most out of it if you have your spine checked on a regular basis.

5. Ask around and try a few

Asking friends, family and co-workers is always a great idea when looking for a good anything.  Make sure to also try a few different chiropractors in your area and compare them to each other.

Chiropractors I recommend: (I will add a map in the future)

The map below is a map of Chiropractors I recommend to people who are not able to come to one of our offices (There are also links to their offices below the map).  Some are recommended because I have been adjusted by them, others because they are affordable and have convenient hours, etc.  When looking for a good chiropractor, like most things, it is a trial and error process.  You try different ones out and you go with the one you like.