7. Why should I pay my insurance company for health care and then have to pay the chiropractor out of my own pocket?

Well in a sense we have answered this question already (see Does health insurance cover Chiropractic?). You don’t pay insurance companies for health care. They call it that, but it is disease treatment. You are paying an insurance company so that they will pay for the treatment or part of the treatment for certain disease conditions.

Health care is health maintenance and insurance companies don’t pay for that, they will not pay for maintenance care. So if you go to a chiropractor and your insurance doesn’t cover maintenance care and you want maintenance care, then you are going to have to pay for it yourself in the same way you pay for good nutrition, you pay for your own vitamins, and you pay for your own exercise programs. There are certain things you have to pay for yourself.

By: Reggie Gold, D.C.