6. Just how safe is Chiropractic? What are the risks and dangers?

Chiropractic is totally safe.  The purpose of Chiropractic is to eliminate vertebral subluxations, to keep the body as subluxation free as possible.  That is ALWAYS a positive and could not under any circumstances do harm.  Some people are obviously so decrepit, aged, or falling apart from illness that they are not good candidates for Chiropractic care and every chiropractor is trained to identify these circumstances and we have to tell those people, “Sorry I can’t help you.”  But when a chiropractor administers what results in a chiropractic adjustment, that is always safe.

Every adjustment is safe.  In fact the body adjusts itself thousands of times a day every time it moves.  The chiropractor steps in only when the body is unable to adjust itself perfectly and the chiropractor helps the body to complete that adjustment.  It is always totally safe.  The thing that is unsafe is to walk around for years with a vertebral subluxation because you have no symptoms.  All we have to do is pick up the local newspaper any day and look at the obituary column and read about people that never had a sick day in their life, they’ve never seen a chiropractor, why should they, there is nothing wrong with them.  And then one day they are walking along the street and they drop dead of a heart attack or they have an ulcer perforation they didn’t even know they had, or some other disaster occurs.  They go for a insurance check up and then they find they have cancer.  That cancer did not develop over night.

The damage that accrues in the body occurs over tens of years and that is why regular visits to the chiropractor whether you are sick or not is so important.  The thing that is risky or dangerous is walking around with vertebral subluxations year in and year out.

By: Reggie Gold, D.C.