24. Why are some medical doctors so opposed to Chiropractic?

I don’t know. 

Why are some Cadillac dealers so opposed to Mercedes Benz?  I think it has to do with personal jealousy, trade opposition.  There was a feeling in medicine many years ago that part of their job was to keep people away from chiropractors.  Whether that was financial or whether they seriously believed chiropractors caused problems, I don’t know.  But, we are seeing less and less of that as time goes by and many medical doctors themselves go to chiropractors.  I was disturbed to find that some medical doctors go to chiropractors and then warn their own patients not to.  That doesn’t sound too good to me and I don’t like it.  But I think that any medical doctor that gives advice on Chiropractic would be as bad as my giving advice on medicine.

By: Reggie Gold, D.C.