23. Why is it that no 2 chiropractors seem to do the same thing?

Well of course that is not quite true.

The methods that chiropractors use are determined primarily by their training, by the school they went to, by their personal selection, their outside learning, their body shape and size.  There are just different opinions on things.

But, they are all out to do the same thing, identify vertebral subluxations and give back to the body the ability to correct that vertebral subluxation.  There are many different ways that this could be accomplished and some chiropractors stick to one way primarily and if you need another method they will refer you to another chiropractor.  Other chiropractors tend to use 2 or 3 different methods.  You select the chiropractor based upon how much confidence you have in their ability to locate vertebral subluxations and help your body eliminate them, whether you like their personality, whether you approve of the way they do their chiropractic work, but in all cases the chiropractors are out to do the same thing, correct the vertebral subluxations, and that can be accomplished by several different methods as you may have experienced.

By: Reggie Gold, D.C.