21. Is it true that getting adjusted too often can cause loose joints?

No, that’s an old wives tale. 

Boy, I have heard that so many times in different ways.  “My great grandmother said that getting adjusted causes arthritis.  My aunt Sallie says that getting adjusted causes loose joints.”  That’s just absolute nonsense.  As a matter of fact the body adjusts itself thousands of times every day. 

If getting adjusted too often would cause arthritis then everybody would have arthritis.  If getting adjusted too often caused loose joints, then everyone would have loose joints.  But frankly I don’t think there is such a thing as loose joints.  So, it’s just another one of those old wives tales that has no meaning at all. 

You get adjusted as often as your body needs to adjust and a chiropractor is trained to determine when the body needs help bringing about that adjustment and when the body is able to do it by itself.  Have no fear about it, let the expert make the decision.

By Reggie Gold, D.C.