18. My sister’s kids really need to get their spines checked. How can I convince her to bring them in?

This is a tricky question because I don’t know your sister.  Some people are easily convinced others need a great deal of convincing.

People seem to feel that their kids are weak and can’t stand Chiropractic care, when in fact kids have such flexible spines they are much stronger than most adult’s spines and can take Chiropractic care even easier.  And in fact if kids are raised vertebral subluxation free we cut off in advance normally lots of the damage that occurs in later life because the vertebral subluxation has been ignored.

Now how can you get your sister to bring her kids in?  Well, obviously it sounds like you have tried talking to her and giving her pamphlets to read.  If it hasn’t worked then why not have her over to your house one night and invite the chiropractor to talk to her.  Put on a pot of coffee and let the chiropractor talk to your sister.  It sounds extreme but the alternative is those kids growing up never leading a full life.  If you really care about your nieces and nephews get your sister to come to your house and ask the chiropractor to come over and talk to them.  Maybe that is the only way.

By: Reggie Gold, D.C.