17. At what age can a child get his or her first adjustment?

I have actually adjusted a child that was 3 hours old.

The father of this child was a medical doctor.  He was present at his child’s birth and he noticed something was radically wrong.  And rather than go through the standard medical procedure he called me.  I should point out that this was a medical doctor raised and trained in Europe.  He did not have the built in prejudice of most American medical schools.  So he had no hesitation in calling me.  He was himself a member of my practice and he had known a great deal about chiropractic and knew how gentle it was and he had no problem in calling me to take care of his son.

I gave his son his 1st chiropractic adjustment at 3 hours old and he responded amazingly.  It was like turning off a light switch.  The problem ended almost instantly as we stood and watched.  So there is great danger in raising children without getting their spines checked.

If you look at a day in the life of a two year old and how many times they batter their spine, you realize the importance of getting their spine checked over and over again by a chiropractor.  When they leave the chiropractor they go back and lead a normal kid’s life.  They bounce off the bed, they bounce off the trampoline, they dive into the sofa head first.  Please get their spines checked regularly.

Every chiropractor is fully trained in taking care of young spines as well as aged ones.  In fact if I had any hesitation in selecting people that were safe candidates for Chiropractic care, I would have much more concern for the elderly and brittle rather than the young and flexible.  So as soon as a child is born his or her spine could and should be checked for vertebral subluxations by a chiropractor.

By:  Reggie Gold, D.C.