16. What can I do to strengthen my spine? Do you think Yoga will help or some other exercise?

The problem there is again that no two human beings are alike.

There is no question that Yoga will help some people by strengthening their spine or some other form of exercise will help them.  But, if I was to give you advice about Yoga it might very well cause vertebrae subluxations instead of helping correct them or strengthen the spine.  Everybody is different.  What is good for one person will be bad for another.

Nobody can give you advice about what kind of exercise is best for you.  Trial and error experimentation is the only way that you will find out.  If you think Yoga will help and you go to a Yoga master and you find that you have less vertebral subluxations when you get your spine checked, then obviously Yoga is helping.  If on the other hand you do Yoga and you thoroughly enjoy it and it doesn’t strengthen your spine, stick with it any way if you enjoy it.

Yoga is not meant to prevent vertebral subluxations and neither is any other exercise.  In fact I know no way of preventing vertebral subluxation or I wouldn’t have to go to a chiropractor myself all the time.  We do these things because we like them and they are good for us in many different ways but none of them actually replaces visits to the chiropractor.  Although in some cases, you may find that with the help of Yoga or some other exercise your body is able to adjust itself better and for longer periods on it’s own.

By: Reggie Gold, D.C.