15. Even though I come faithfully my back still goes “out” once and a while, how come?

Well your back is going to go “out” once and a while as you put it or you are going to get subluxated as we put it depending on what you do.

If you keep going back to doing the same things, and stressing your body your body is going to subluxate again.  You know everything has limits.  Even the strength of the spine has limits and it has different limits in different areas.  So if you have a weaker area (think of it like a weak link in a chain) and you just keep on doing the same things, straining that area, of course you will have the same problem again and again.

Visits to a chiropractor are not a permanent cure for anything, they are an attempt to give back to your body control of its vertebrae.  How long that control lasts will depend upon your inherited factors (like the shape of your bones), as well as the things you do to develop muscles, the kind of work you do, and the kind of strain you put on your spine and body.

So of course you are going to have back problems once and a while if you keep doing the things that caused them.

By: Reggie Gold, D.C.