10. After my first few adjustments I felt sore afterwards, but now I don’t. How come?

Well, that is probably because vertebral subluxations can exist for a long, long time before you go to a chiropractor.

In fact many people go to a chiropractor feeling no soreness at all, but after the adjustment the body begins to reshape its spine using muscles it has not used for years.  And, the result of that is some of the muscles ache or produce a “Charlie horse”.  It’s like painting a ceiling when you haven’t done it in years.  The next day your arms could hurt, but if you paint ceilings every day, then pretty soon you’d get use to it and it wouldn’t hurt any more.

So when you first go to a chiropractor it is quite possible that extensive changes are taking place in a short space of time and you will feel it afterwards, and then after a while you get use to it and you don’t feel it any more.

By: Reggie Gold, D.C.