Common Questions & Answers

1. What is a vertebral subluxation?

2. Just exactly what conditions or diseases can a chiropractor cure?

3. Does health insurance cover Chiropractic?

4. Will regular visits to the chiropractor actually help prevent certain illnesses?

5. Is it true that once you start going to a chiropractor you have to go forever?

6. Just how safe is Chiropractic? What are the risks and dangers?

7. Why should I pay my insurance company for health care and then have to pay the chiropractor out of my own pocket?

8. Why is it that some chiropractors talk a lot about nutrition, rest, exercise, etc and others don’t even mention them?

9. When a chiropractor corrects a back or neck problem, how come it doesn’t stay corrected but seems to return periodically?

10. After my first few adjustments I felt sore afterwards, but now I don’t. How come?

11. My spine always seems to need adjusting at the same spot every time, why?

12. What is a family maintenance program?

13. Does my mattress have anything to do with how well or how long I hold my adjustments

14. My husband seems to need adjusting much less often than I do, why is that?

15. Even though I come faithfully my back still goes “out” once and a while, how come?

16. What can I do to strengthen my spine? Do you think Yoga will help or some other exercise?

17. At what age can a child get his or her first adjustment?

18. My sister’s kids really need to get their spines checked. How can I convince her to bring them in?

19. Do you do talks about Chiropractic to clubs and organizations?

20. What do you think about Acupuncture?

21. Is it true that getting adjusted too often can cause loose joints?

22. What’s that cracking sound I sometimes hear when I’m getting adjusted?

23. Why is it that no 2 chiropractors seem to do the same thing?

24. Why are some medical doctors so opposed to Chiropractic?

25. Who adjusts you?