( 16Dec1925 – 24March2012 )

Dr. Reggie Gold, D.C. was my mentor and is the reason I practice chiropractic the way I do today.  I am still learning from him.  Below are audio recordings of Reggie explaining chiropractic and 25 common questions.  I highly recommend that everyone to listen to these or watch the videos of Reggie explaining chiropractic as he is a wonderful and entertaining teacher.

Most people do not get their spines checked regularly because they do not know any better. Educating yourself and others will help you understand why you and everyone you know should be getting their spines checked regularly.  If you brush your teeth regularly, you should be able to understand the importance of getting your spine checked regularly.  You can replace your teeth you can’t replace your spine.

Chiropractic Explained Part 1:

Chiropractic Explained Part 2:

25 Common Chiropractic Questions and Answers: