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Jul 18

Apollo 11 and Chiropractic- Checking and Correcting

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Jul 18

I recently read an article which asked, “What percentage of the time was the Apollo 11 on course to the moon in 1969?”  The answer was a surprising 3%.  That’s correct.  97% of the time they were off course and had to correct their course.  Fortunately they were able to constantly make those corrections so they ended up at their destination.  The idea of correcting course is not so difficult to understand when it comes to travel.  How much of the time when we are driving to a preplanned destination, is our car pointed directly at that destination?  I am not sure that migrating birds even travel in a straight line.  Many times I have seen geese flying east or west in the fall.

Life is about checking and correcting.  When it comes to the human body there is a constant checking and correcting process.  The weather can drop 20 or 30 degrees in the course of a day and the body must make changes to adapt. Even though we can put on heavier clothes, there is still a need to adapt.  Parts of our body are subject to those changes.  The food that we put into our body and changes in the quality of the air are just two factors that cause the body to make changes in its chemistry in order to adapt.  The body has an inborn wisdom, an intelligence which is clearly able to make these changes every moment of the day.  To a great degree it uses the brain and nerve system to bring about those changes.  Just as the astronauts used computers and the intricate electrical system of the Apollo 11 to check and correct their course, we have an intricate system of nerves.  Suppose one of those gauges did not work or the wiring system was not functioning properly?  The astronauts could have missed the moon by thousands of miles.  Similarly, when there is an interference in our nerve system due to vertebral subluxation, the body’s ability to “check and correct” is impaired.  That could have devastating effects upon your ability to adapt.  That is why we as chiropractors want to correct subluxations on a regular basis.

There is one other point to be made with regard to checking and correcting.  Often people coming into a chiropractor’s office seem discouraged because visit after visit they seem to be subluxated.  Sometimes they even express concern that they may be spending more time subluxated than adjusted, and that perhaps their adjustment only hold’s a few days or even just a few hours between visits.  But that is one of the fantastic things about the human body.  When it is “on course,” when it is free of vertebral subluxation, it has the capacity to do some pretty fantastic things.  If the astronauts can make it to the moon only being on course for 3% of the time, imagine what your body can do if you have it “checked and corrected” every week.  Even if it only stays corrected 3% of the time, the innate intelligence of the body is expressing itself 100%, making changes, creating new tissues, healing and normalizing function.  That is no small thing.

By: Dr. Joe Strauss, D.C.

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