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After your first visit you will never need to make another appointment! Just stop in during our hours. First come, first served.

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With multiple payment options to choose from, we have you covered.

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Have insurance, don't have insurance, it doesn't matter, you don't need it here. You will pay around the price of a co-pay or less without the hassle of going through insurance and wondering what your bill will be.

Get Adjusted Regularly

Getting adjusted regularly is just a smart idea. Getting your spine checked only when your back or neck hurt is like only brushing your teeth when they hurt. At our office we make it possible for you to get adjusted regularly.

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It Costs You Nothing To Come In And Just Talk To Us

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Superstorm Sandy, Cell Phone Towers and Chiropractic

November 25th by Dr. Pete Ahlers-Nelson, D.C.

By:  Dr. Peter Ahlers-Nelson, D.C. I often listen to public radio while driving between Northfield and Albert Lea.  A couple weeks ago a particular segment grabbed my attention.  NPR was talking to a fuel supply company owner out in New Jersey, Paul Riggins, about hauling fuel after Superstorm Sandy and the lessons they learned.  Below […]

Emotional Stress, Chiropractic and Vertebral Subluxations

October 21st by Dr. Pete Ahlers-Nelson, D.C.

It is important to remember that physical, chemical, and emotional stresses can cause the spine to subluxate and interfere with proper function in the body.  It is easy to understand how a physical stress, such as falling, lifting, or repeated motions, can cause subluxations.  Chemical stresses may be a little more difficult to understand, but […]